About Dr. Becker and Language Rocks

I am John C Becker, a marketing professor with a Ph.D. in internationalmarketing and a research emphasis on intercultural communication.

I have also been a senior marketing executive for three global companies. I have traveled to over 60 countries as a student, teacher, tourist, and businessperson. I have studied languages formally in England, France, and Germany. I have also been learning about language and languages informally almost every day of my life.

I honestly and humbly believe  you will be fascinated and rewarded as you think and learn about words, languages, and communication. And, of ours, I want to learn from you.  So it is with enthusiasm and pride I invite you to join others in the experience that is Language Rocks.

What will you find here?
Any safari is an exciting adventure with opportunities to learn about lions, tigers, and elephants while exploring their world. Similarly, a Word Safari takes you into the world of words, phrases, and other aspects of language and communications. Each Safari is  an overview of  the history, use, and fun aspects of one or more English words.  On a Word Safari, you delve into a word’s history and personality, as well as its definition, That word becomes a close friend.

Don’t worry You don’t need a camera (and certainly not a gun.) No one gets hurt on a Word Safari.


You can make some powerful friends by using Words that Work to expand and enrich your vocabulary.

Language Lore explores some of the most interesting aspects of language. These aspects range from formal linguistics to silly sayings in different languages.

There are other features from time to time, such as A Little Latin Goes a Long Way and I’m a Stranger Here  (dealing with cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication).

Language really does ROCK. And it’s all right here!