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I am John C Becker, a marketing professor with a Ph.D. in international marketing and a /research emphasis on ..intercultural communication. I have traveled to over 60 countries as a student, teacher, tourist, and businessperson. My initial decision to pursue a career in international marketing flowed naturally from my love of words, foreign languages, and from a desire to enhance my cultural sensitivity.I honestly and humbly believe I have something worthwhile to say about words, languages, and communication.

 A major feature of Language Rocks is the on-going  series of Word Safaris- each one being an overview of  the history, use, and fun aspects of one or more English words.  On a Word Safari, you delve into a word’s personality, as well as its definition, The word becomes your friend.

You can make some powerfukl friends by using Words that Work to expand and enrich your vocabulary.

Language really does ROCK!  It is as fascinating a topic994913_1374445522787569_1622176364_n as you can find. And Language Lore explores some of the most interesting aspects of language.

There will be other topics


I have recently added Worldly Wit and Wisdom- memorable quotes from around the world – usually in the original language with an English translation. In most instances I will have something to say about the quote. I will also solicit your opinion, and comments.

I will also offer my tips and solicit yours on language learning, linguistics, and intercultural communication. Believe me – there’s an awful lot of poppycock written on these subjects. Let’s try to replace the poppycock with practical, common sense ideas.

I need you to make this website a success. I look forward to your participation, opinions and .suggestions../

3 thoughts on “About Dr. Becker and Language Rocks”

  1. You are amazing and much smarter than I gave you credit for, back in the day. I read quickly the first time through, but promise to read it thoroughly the next several times. Fascinating subject that I have not thought too much about over the years. Am I too old to learn? Thanks Dr. B, you have changed my life. Paul

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